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By Leslie A. Muray

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Many scholars and contributors of the general public who keep on with information experiences on technological know-how and faith might imagine that Protestantism and technological know-how are in clash. yet whereas evangelical assaults on evolution could make the headlines, many mainstream Protestant teams have lengthy embraced technological know-how and the clinical worldview. This quantity within the Greenwood publications to technology and faith covers these Protestant thinkers who search to take advantage of the insights of technology to additional their figuring out of faith and faith.

furthermore, the amount also will speak about such traits on the liberal protestant recognition of evolution, the appearance of ecotheology, and the Social Gospel.

The quantity incorporates a number of basic resource records, a thesaurus and a timeline, and an annotated bibliography of the main worthy assets for additional research.

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Fiske maintains that such Church Fathers as Athanasius anticipated modern evolutionary science and evolutionary theism with an emphasis on God as the indwelling spirit of the universe who/that animates all things (Fiske 1887, 87–110). The one-time member of the Metaphysical Club rejects the traditional argument from design, the idea that the order of the universe suggests a cosmic orderer or designer. Intriguingly anticipating process thought and other contemporary schools of thought that, as we shall see, attempt to redefine God’s power as limited, Fiske critiques the traditional argument from design for espousing a form of divine determinism that collapses on the shoals of the theodicy problem, the problem of evil, or more precisely, why is there evil in the world if God is all good and all powerful (Fiske 1887, 121–127)?

As we shall see, such confidence in an Ultimate or Final End was not a characteristic of liberals, particularly after the second half of the twentieth century. The prototype of Liberal Protestantism’s radical and enthusiastic embrace of evolution is Lyman Abbott (1835–1922). Abbott had succeeded Henry Ward Beecher at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York. ). Abbott stood within the tradition of Christian apologetics, that is to say, that trajectory within the Christian tradition that uses the best available resources in the culture to make faith intelligible to those both outside and inside of it.

Kant developed his epistemology, at least in part, as a response to the Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711–1776). Following John Locke, Hume maintained that the human mind was a “tabula rasa,” a “blank slate” on which sense impressions were made. For the Scottish philosopher, experience was limited to sense experience and it was the only reliable means to attain knowledge. The school of philosophical thought that claims that the only way to know is through experience is called empiricism, which came into conflict with the rationalism of the Enlightenment.

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