New PDF release: Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature : A Reference

By David R. Knechtges, Taiping Chang (Editors)

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Ultimately this is the long-awaited, first Western-language reference consultant focusing solely on chinese language literature from ca. seven hundred B.C.E. to the early 7th century C.E. Alphabetically equipped, it includes at the very least 775 entries on significant and minor writers, literary varieties and schools,"" and demanding chinese language literary phrases. as well as supplying authoritative information regarding every one topic, the compilers have taken meticulous care to incorporate precise, up to date bibliographies and resource details. The reader will locate it a treasure-trove of historic money owed, particularly whilst shopping during the biographies of authors.Indispensable for students and scholars of pre-modern chinese language literature, historical past, and inspiration. half One encompasses a to R.

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In 520, Xiao Lun was assigned as regional inspector of Jiangzhou 江州 (administrative seat Chaisang 柴桑, southwest of modern Jiujiang, Jiangxi). In 524, he was appointed regional inspector of Southern Yanzhou 南兗州 (administrative seat Guangling 廣 陵, northeast of modern Jiangdu 江都, Jiangsu). In the next year, his noble title was removed, and he was dismissed from his post on the grounds of imperious conduct and engaging in outrageous behavior. In 527, Xiao Lun had his noble title restored. In 532, he was appointed regional inspector of Yangzhou 揚州 (administrative seat, modern Nanjing).

The crown prince gave him funds to complete the construction of a house. During the period from about 522 to 526, Xiao Tong oversaw the compilation of a collection of writings arranged by genre. This is the monumental xiao tong 蕭統 (501–531), zi deshi 德施 1509 anthology known as the Wen xuan (Selections of refined literature). Participating in the compilation were some members of Xiao Tong’s court, most notably Liu Xiaochuo. It is also possible that Wang Yun 王筠 (481–549) and Liu Xie 劉勰 (ca. 465–532) were also involved in the project.

His childhood zi was Weimo 維摩 (Vimalakīrti). He was the eldest son of Xiao Yan 蕭衍 (464– 549), Emperor Wu of Liang (502–549). Xiao Tong was born in September or October 501 in Xiangyang 襄陽 (modern Xiangfan, Hubei). His mother was Ding Lingguang 丁令光 (485–526), whose natal place was Qiao Kingdom 譙國 (modern Bo 亳 county, Anhui), but whose family had resided in Xiangyang for many generations. Xiao Yan’s first wife Xi Hui 郗徽 (468– 499) died in 499 in Xiangyang. Xiao Yan had taken Ding Lingguang as a concubine in 498 when she was fourteen years old.

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