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By Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich, Yuriy M. Penkin, Sergey L. Berdnik (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0387763600

ISBN-13: 9780387763606

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ISBN-13: 9780387763620

Analytical and Hybrid tools within the thought of Slot-hole Coupling of Electrodynamic Volumes arose from the unique learn effects, by no means ahead of released, first received through the authors at Karazin Kharkov nationwide collage, Ukraine.

Impetuous improvement of technical possibilities of computer for the final two decades, and a strong set of numerical equipment on hand within the arsenals of investigators have pressured the working-outs hooked up with the hunt of analytical recommendations of radiophysical difficulties backward. even if, at this time, the truth is glaring that optimum use of laptop calculations may be in keeping with software of analytical tools of boundary difficulties answer. those tools enable to extend computer use potency and likewise extend their calculation skills to resolve advanced electrodynamic problems.

The authors’ adventure within the improvement of analytical easy methods to resolve the issues of diffraction of waveguide electromagnetic waves on slot coupling holes serves as a useful gizmo to readers drawn to either the sphere of theoretical electrodynamics and the sphere of useful workings-out of multi-functional waveguide units and platforms utilizing slot-coupling elements.

Topics lined during this e-book are:

  • problem formula and preliminary indispensable equations
  • the averaging method
  • analytical answer of the indispensable equations for a current
  • induced magnetomotive forces technique for research of coupling slots in waveguides
  • resonant iris with the slot arbitrary orientated in an oblong waveguide
  • stepped junction of the 2 oblong waveguides with the impedance slotted iris

This ebook is meant for educational and business researchers concerned with Microwave innovations, in addition to complicated scholars learning Radiophysics and utilized Electrodynamics.

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For another case of the excitation (Wlb → Wt ), the amplitude distribution of the current is sufficiently asymmetric, and the current phase changes along the slot. The current distribution curves are Fig. 0 mm 48 3 Analytical Solution of the Integral Equations for the Current by the Averaging Method (a) – – – – – – – – – – (b) Fig. 0 mm of the same kind in the case of two waveguides coupling through the longitudinal slot in the common broad wall of the finite thickness of the rectangular waveguides in Fig.

1 General Problem Formulation and Transition to the Case of a Narrow Slot 29 Fig. 5) −L G e,i s (s, s ) = 2 e−ik R(s,s ) + G e,i 0s (s, s ). R(s, s ) R(s, s ) = (s − s )2 + (d/4)2 . 6) Here we take into account the fact that for the sources on the flat surface Gˆ e,i (s, ξ ; s , ξ ) = 2 IˆG(s, ξ ; s , ξ ) + Gˆ e,i 0 (s, ξ ; s , ξ ) we have G(s, s ) = G(s, ξ ; s , ξ )dξ , ξ Gˆ e,i 0 (s, s ) = Gˆ e,i 0 (s, ξ ; s , ξ )χ(ξ )dξ . 12,2. 13,2. 15]. 2,2. 12,2. 14] we obtain: 30 2 Problem Formulation and Initial Integral Equations; Averaging Method L −L where e−ik R(s,s ) ds = J (s) (s) + J (s ) R(s, s ) L −L (s) = L −L ds R(s,s ) .

3], where the account of the rectangular waveguide wall thickness has been made by solving two coupling integral equations with moments method. 4 Numerical Results The plots of the dependences of the |S |2 = |S13 |2 + |S14 |2 coupling coefficient from the length of the symmetrical transverse slot in the common infinitely thin broad wall of two identical rectangular waveguides are in Fig. 1. The dependencies have been calculated by different methods. 47λ. 5λ, which does not correspond to reality.

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