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By William J. Abraham

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In his day, John Wesley provided vital insights on tips on how to receive wisdom of God that bears fruit in our personal instances. As ultimate Wesleyan student William Abraham exhibits, Wesley's most renowned religious event is rife with philosophical value and implications. all through, Abraham brings Wesley's paintings into fruitful dialog with the most very important paintings in modern epistemology. Lyrically and succinctly he explores the simultaneous epistemological quest and non secular pilgrimage that have been critical to Wesley and the Evangelical Revival of the eighteenth century. In so doing, he offers a discovered and eye-opening meditation upon the connection among cause and religion.

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We can legitimately read the decline of the Christian faith in Europe as intimately related to the brilliant attacks on the Christian gospel that developed in a host of forms in the nineteenth and twentieth century. 20 On the other hand, while much of the argument against such evidence remains in place, the acids of postmodernity and the unexpected resurgence of Christian philosophy within the analytic tradition have called into question the confidence that once marked this kind of work. These, Faith and the Power of God 53 of course, are strange bedfellows, for analytic philosophers and postmodern critics are not usually seen within earshot of each other.

This assurance is more robust than any kind of theoretical certainty offered by philosophers or theologians. It liberates a person from dependence merely on the quagmire of speculation, hypothesis-formation, probabilistic inference, or guesswork about God. Such assurance yields a distinctive kind of grounded firm confidence in God unavailable elsewhere. God thus merits credit even for proper human confidence in God (cf. 25 I trust that I have supplied enough to show the deep connection that exists here between Wesley and Moser.

However, help is at hand in the recent work of Paul Moser, the third contemporary philosopher I wish to connect with Wesley’s proposals. 19 My aim at this stage is to pull back the veil and get a glimpse of the bigger picture. One way into Moser’s project is to see it as starting with a pivotal comment on the nature of knowledge of God. If God is as we think he is, then knowledge of God should not be divorced from moral transformation. ”20 Thus the robust theism of the Jewish and Christian traditions undercuts our setting conditions on how we must come to know God from an intellectual point of view.

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