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A clear explanation of the physical approach behind the two computations and comparisons between the results are presented by Dappen [33]. 4 Opacity There has been a dramatic improvement in the calculation of the Rosseland mean opacity of gas mixtures over the last ten years. Prior to 1990, the only existing set of opacities were provided by the Los Alamos group, both at high (T>10^ K) and low-temperatures (T<104 K) (Huebner et al. [48]; Cox & Tabor [28]). In the latter regime, an important contribution has been done by Alexander and collaborators who considered the presence of molecules and grains in the computations (Alexander et al.

14). 5 — 4 MQ undergo thermal relaxation and nonhomologous contraction. , the evolutionary track begins at low luminosity and then moves up to join the radiative portion. The Hayashi phase is skipped entirely. In the H-R diagram, shown in Fig. 5 M0 star, the unrelaxed star first appears below the classical evolutionary track for that mass. At this early epoch, the star has a relatively shallow convection zone. During subsequent relaxation, the stellar radius, surface luminosity and temperature all increase, while the outer convection disappears.

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