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By Heath, Jeffrey

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Jamsay is the largest-population language between a few twenty Dogon languages in Mali, West Africa. this is often the 1st accomplished grammar of any Dogon language, together with an entire tonology. The language is verb-final, with topic contract at the verb and without different case-marking. Its so much extraordinary function is the morphosyntactically caused use of stem-wide tone-contour overlays on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. All stems have a lexical tone contour corresponding to H[igh], L[ow]-H, HL, or LHL with a minimum of one H-tone. An examination of tone overlay is tone-dropping to stem-wide all-L. this is often used for Perfective verbs (in the presence of a focalized constituent), and for a noun or adjective earlier than an adjective. it's also used to mark the top NP in a relative clause (the head NP isn't extracted, so this is often the one direct indication of head NP status). The verb in a relative clause is morphologically a participle, agreeing with the pinnacle NP in humanness and quantity, instead of with the topic. ""Intonation"" is used grammatically. for instance, NP conjunction 'X and Y' is expressed as X Y, with no conjunction, yet with ""dying-quail"" intonation on either conjuncts.

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28) a. 2) process: g becomes ƒ in C2 position between low back vowels domain: all stems relevant structure: initial [(C)v(˘)Cv] b. 2) process: V2 deleted after sonorant, usually {r r<}, before coronal domain: verbs with nonzero AN inflectional suffix relevant structure: initial [(C)vCv]-[…, rarely [Cv˘Cv]-[… c. 1) process: final -u (VblN suffix) deleted domain: Verbal Nouns relevant structure: [C-u@], rarely [][()C-u@] d. 2) process: final u deleted domain: wide range of compounds and phrases relevant structure: [Cu]-[ e.

For clusters, see the relevant sections below. (31) a. g. rç@NkE@- ‘fail’ < Fulfulde); N rare, attested in about four nouns like Na@ta$ ‘crocodile’ b. 3 Consonants 31 c. final position, and more generally syllable-final position verbs: no final consonants (except quasi-verb ku$n- ‘be in’); nouns and other stems, except due to Post-Sonorant Syncope (60): nasals (except n)), semivowels, and l are very common; alveopalatals {c j n)} are not allowed; laryngeals {h /} are not allowed; a few stops and fricatives are attested in interjections or recent loans.

The morphosyntax of the various elements is variable, and “quasi-verb” is an intentionally vague cover term. In most cases they occur with L-tone in main clauses and with H(H…)L tone in relative clauses, which aligns them formally with the unsuffixed Perfective of regular verbs. Some of the quasi-verbs are segmentally identical to AN suffixes, suggesting the possibility that the quasi-verb is really just an AN suffix added to a phonologically empty verb slot. 1 for the full coverage. 2). 3) constitute a complex subject in Jamsay and other Dogon languages.

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