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This selection of twenty-nine unique essays, surveys satire from its emergence in Western literature to the current.
Tracks satire from its first appearances within the prophetic books of the outdated testomony throughout the Renaissance and the English culture in satire to Michael Moore's satirical motion picture "Fahrenheit 9/11."
Highlights the real impression of the Bible within the literary and cultural improvement of Western satire.
Focused in general on significant classical and ecu impacts on and works of English satire, but in addition explores the complicated and fertile cultural cross-semination in the culture of literary satire.

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Even Philip Roth’s recent The Plot Against America rewrites past history to allow for the election of the anti-semitically inclined Charles Lindbergh as president. The improbabilities and impossibilities of satire call to mind the unbroken, empirically improbable sequence of catastrophes in Candide; the unbroken sameness of the cycle of disappointment in Rasselas; the stripping away of any certainties in the Howard Campbell of Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night. Satire’s humor, however disturbing it might be, derives from fantasy: from the weird, the improbable, the grotesque, or the impossible.

Daniel, like Mordecai, will not compromise his faith. Nor is Mordecai’s steadfastness without its grimly humorous component, as the treacherous Haman is hanged on the very gibbet he had prepared for his Israelite enemy. The humor is reminiscent of David’s foreskin triumph in 1 Samuel. The corresponding and first phase of irony, irony of the avoidable, pursues the insight that much of the trouble we suffer as human beings is not determined at all but the product of our own folly. In the climax of Pride and Prejudice – Darcy’s second proposal – Elizabeth Bennett realizes that she, who has always prided herself on good judgment, has been suckered by George Wickham’s account of his controversy with Darcy and not even considered the possibility of another point of view.

A favorite, for example, at the internment of a deceased person, the psalm evokes most pleasant pastoral images, the security of being in the hands of a loving, providing shepherd. The psalm envisions satisfaction and plenty. What could be more innocent, innocent in a root sense: devoid of harm? Yet, as the psalm anticipates the various pleasures of pastoral protection given by the Lord, it revealingly celebrates as one of the divine bounties a table that will be spread before the psalmist in the presence of his enemies.

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