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By Dieter Thom

Dieter Thom's masterful rationalization and security of Classical ( ancient premillennialism )

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When the time comes, get out of the cities, because several passages warn that the cities of the world will collapse. The answer: buy farmland and start developing this as a rural retreat for your family and the family of God. Don’t sell everything you have just yet, but watch for the signs of the times. Oh, and you don’t need to send me any money, either. There goes my television ministry… 41 A Classic Premillennial Eschatology Who is the the First Beast of Revelation? Taking some of the imagery from the previous excerpt, this passage builds upon it.

13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. The two persons mentioned in Rev. 6:1&2 (the Lamb and the rider) are different people. The Lamb opens the first seal (vs 1). The horse is white, but the rider’s colour is not mentioned (vs 2). The Lamb is not said to be the rider. If he were, it would say so. The rider has a bow, a weapon of war (vs 2). He is given, so does not naturally have, a crown. He rides out to conquer. The Lamb is Christ. The rider is the antichrist.

More specifically the Dalai Lama, the head of the Buddhists and the deposed ruler of Tibet, has a very unique claim to Godhood. He is getting old and will likely die very soon. Who will replace him? Traditionally the Dalai Lama has always been Tibetan, but the next Dalai Lama could be a European. Which is the largest and most dominant country in Europe? Germany. Who is the most likely candidate in Germany? The deposed German royalty. Could one of these be the god-king that will become the Antichrist?

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