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By Elmore Leonard

ISBN-10: 0060083999

ISBN-13: 9780060083991

Detroit businessman Harry Mitchell had had just one affair in his twenty-two years of chuffed matrimony. regrettably an individual stuck his indiscretion on movie and now desires Harry to fork over 100 grand to maintain his infidelity a mystery. And if Harry doesn't pay up, the blackmailer and his affiliates plan to press much more durable -- as much as and together with murder, if priceless. however the psychos picked the inaccurate pigeon for his or her murderous rip-off. simply because Harry Mitchell doesn'tget mad...he will get even.

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Oh, yes, now I'll have time to come over to see you, and take you for a ride too. We won't have to talk through a speaking tube, either. Tell your father I am sorry I was out when he called. I'll come to see him to−morrow, if he wants me to. Yes−−yes. " and Tom laughed, it being evident that his remarks at the end of the conversation had to do with personal matters. "A telegram has come for Mr. Nestor and they were anxious that he should get it," Tom explained to his little audience as he hung up the receiver and put aside the telephone.

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