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If any watchdog gives the alert, the colour of the vehicle changes to orange. Vehicle trespassing no-go area Vehicle out of no-leave area If two or more alerts arise at the same time, they are handled in the following order (from highest to lowest priority): 1 - No reply. 2 - Outside allowed area. 3 - No move. 4 - Excessive speed. Only the watchdog with the highest priority is displayed and saved. If several “Outside allowed area” watchdogs are set up, they are handled in the following order (from highest to lowest priority): 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-7 Operating instructions 1 - No-go area.

It can therefore complete the synchonization procedure successfully. Sync Transmit Format 1 byte 6 bytes Preamble (Reserved for advanced functions) 1 byte Slot No. 1 1/2 byte 1 1/2 byte 1 byte Frame No. 3 - 5 INPUT/OUTPUT PROTOCOLS The TDGx input and output protocols should be associated judiciously as described below. Data Transmit Format INPUT PROTOCOL OUTPUT PROTOCOL TDGx TDGx Radiolocating data (1) Data Transmit Format - Protocol No. 1 or - Protocol No. 2 or - ASCII encoded hex, derived from Protocol No.

This displays the list of vehicle numbers and labels. (2) If two base stations are used (LAB and CAMP), it may be helpful to set a different FIRST WAYPOINT at each station to distinguish between the waypoints from one station and those from the other. 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-19 Operating instructions 5-7 On a tracked vehicle 5-7-1 PREREQUISITES The MRU should be configured and installed as indicated in chapter 2 and par. 4-1. The GPS receiver should be configured as follows : - Position on WGS84 datum - Position message format : $GPGGA (NMEA 0183).

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